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Manager's Guide

As a manager or HR professional, this guide helps you understand your role and the role of the Cardinal at Work Welcome Center in onboarding your new staff hire. The goal is a smooth and successful onboarding experience for your new hire, which benefits you, your organization and the university at large.


The Welcome Center onboarding experience starts with the offer letter and extends through the first month on the job.

It combines completion of important required start-up steps with an enhanced orientation to Stanford benefits during a full-day session. Prior to starting and throughout the new staff member’s first month on the job, a series of emails are sent to give reminders, instructions, and key information useful to their onboarding process.

By taking care of transactional, communications and orientation items, the Welcome Center reduces the burden on the local hiring manager and HR team and increases the efficiency and effectiveness for the new hire to be work-ready when they return to their work location on their second day. There is no cost to schools and units for these services.

Browse the pages in the Manager's Guide section to understand your role and responsibilities in the Welcome Center onboarding process, and visit the the other sections of the website to get familiar with Welcome Center information provided to your new hires.


Hiring Date Flexibility for Academic Staff and Other Teaching Titles

It can be tough to start Academic Staff and Other Teaching Titles on Mondays for a variety of reasons. To ensure the Welcome Center meets the needs of these valued staff members we have updated our policies:

  • Any new hires classified as Academic Staff (A) or Other Teaching Titles (O) are eligible to attend the Welcome Center within 5 business days of their start date.  For example, if an AS-R is hired on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday they are still eligible to attend the NEXT Welcome Center event. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any new hires attending orientation prior to their start dates.

This should provide more flexibility related to visas, post-doc end dates, appoints that start on the 1st of the month, and other situations that make hiring on Monday particularly challenging.  

Online Orientation (ONB-1000) Now Available!

The Cardinal at Work Welcome Center has published an online course (ONB-1000) to support new hires unable to attend the full-day Welcome Center on their first day of employment. With the online option now available through STARS, there will no longer be an option to send new hires to only the afternoon presentations of the Welcome Center.  The online course, ONB-1000, includes a brief overview of:

  • Stanford’s history, organizational structure, and ways to get connected
  • Benefits, including a medical plans comparison and information on Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Stanford Contributory Retirement Plan

Please be aware, this course does not cover mandatory training and compliance items (e.g. SU-18, General Safety, legal disclosures required by law), which must be provided at the local level. Additionally, your new hire will need additional guidance on completing other critical onboarding steps typically handled at the Welcome Center, including:

  • Completing the I-9
  • Obtaining an ID Card (ID Card Office now at Tresidder, not Forsythe)
  • Receiving commute passes (CalTrain, VTA) and purchasing a parking permit, if desired

The Welcome Center team is available to support you and your team during this transition.  If you need assistance, please reach out to Megan McDevitt (