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Email Template to Announce Your New Hire

Announcing your new hire's arrival is one of the best parts of onboarding. Let your organization know your new hire is coming on board with this email announcement template.

Suggested Email Announcement Template

To [staff of new employee's work area]:

I'm very pleased to announce that [new employee] will join [school/unit/department name] as [job title] on [start date].[New employee] will begin her journey with us on [day, month, year], and report to me. 

As [job title],  [new employee name]'s responsibilities will include [information about what he or she will be doing]. [X and Y] will be report to [employee name].

[Employee name] comes to Stanford with more than [XX] years of experience, having served [information about recent relevant employment background]. [He/She] has expertise in [information about professional experience] and recent accomplishments have included [an example or two from professional experience that illustrates expertise.]

[Employee name] received a bachelor's degree in [discpline] from [insitution name] and a master's degree in [discipline] from [institution].

Join us to celebrate [employee name]'s arrival at  [location of welcome get-together] on [date] to meet [him/her] and welcome [him or her] to our team!

You can reach [new employee] at:

  • [physical location/work address]
  • [phone #]
  • [email address]

To help you recognize [employee name] when [he/she] arrives, I've attached [her/his] photo.*

Thank you,

[Supervisor Name]

*Note: Recommendation is to attach a headshot photo of the new staff hire to the email. Ask your new hire to email you one to use for the announcement.