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Manager Responsibilities

The Welcome Center takes care of several transactional and operational items in the onboarding process, and introduces new staff hires to many of the resources and benefits available to them as a Stanford employee. Still, the hiring manager plays an important role in the successful onboarding experience for new hires.

This chart outlines the actions the Welcome Center handles and the responsibilities of the hiring managers in the onboarding process.

Actions/Responsibilities Welcome Center Hiring Manager HR Team
Send Offer Letter to New Hire   X X
Enroll New Hire in Welcome Center     X
Establish SUNet ID & Two-Step Authentication X    
Create  & Print ID Card


Obtain Parking & Transportation Go Pass & Eco Pass X    
Complete I-9 X    
Complete StanfordYou/StanfordWho Directory Information X    
Sign SU-18 Patent Agreement


Enroll in Required General Safety Training (excludes SLAC) X    
Enroll in Admin Guide Acknowledgement Training X    
Learn to Use  Timecard   X  
Enroll in School, Unit or Department Specific Training   X X
Introduce New Hires to Benefits  & Remind Them of Enrollment Deadline X    
Complete W-4 Form X    
Complete Direct Payroll Deposit Form X    
Grant Authority/Access to Necessary Systems  


Ensure Completion of Mandated Reporter Form if New Hire has Contact with Minors
Please Note: Information on Mandatory Reporter Requirements Distributed to All New Hires During the Welcome Center
  X X
Review Job Description, School/Unit/Dept. Org Chart, and Local Policies with New Hire   X X
Help New Hire Enroll in the Correct Sexual Harassment Prevention Course
(Non-Supervisor, Supervisor or Academic Workplace)
  X X