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Key Actions to Take

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When you receive your Welcome Email, take the following actions to ensure you complete the requirements and are ready to start. 

1. Create your SUNet ID, password, and two-step authentication

Create your SUNet ID and Password and enable your Two-Step Authentication at the Accounts website. When prompted, enter your university Employee ID number, which is eight digits and typically starts with a zero or five.

*Note: Your SUNet stays with you regardless of your role at the university. If you already have one, please skip this step.

2. Confirm your SUNet ID is functional

Send an email to your supervisor providing them with your SUNet ID and confirming that your SUNet ID and Two-Step Authentication are both functional.

3. Complete your I-9 verification

Verification of ability to work in the United States: You will be required to prove eligibility to work in the United States. Your human resources group will work with you to identify how they will view your documents and complete the required I-9 form for the US government.

4. Stanford ID

For your Stanford identification:

  • Upload your photo on the Campus Card Services website.
  • Most employees do not need a physical card.  You can obtain your virtual Stanford ID (it shows your name, photo, affiliation, ID number, and barcode number for building access) by downloading the free Stanford mobile app to your smartphone. The app includes your virtual Stanford ID and other features, such as; Health Check, news and events, a campus directory, dining options, and campus and shuttle maps. You can then use your phone to show Stanford identification and, in most cases, for building access(directions to activate your mobile key here).
  • If you need a physical card, Stanford’s ID card office is by appointment only at this time. To schedule an appointment to pick up your card, use this link. For those working in the School of Medicine needing a hospital badge, please speak with your HR office or department manager on how to obtain your badge.

5. Obtaining transportation support

If you need to park your vehicle on your first day of work and are not yet able to access the Online Ordering Portal, please complete the Parking Registration Form linked in your invitation to purchase a ‘C’ Daily permit using your credit card. After your first day, you will be able to access the system to purchase a parking permit using pre-tax payroll deduction

If you plan to take transit to work and would like to receive your Stanford-issued transit passes in the mail as close as possible to your first day of work, complete this form to submit your transit pass request. If you would like your Stanford-issued transit pass(es) but don’t need them your first week of work, request them through our Transit Pass Request Form, which you can access starting two business days after your first day of employment. For more information about Stanford-issued transit passes, visit New Employees: Your Free Transit Passes

You can learn more about your commute options on  Stanford Transportation’s Getting Started at Stanford page.  You can also request a 15-minute one-on-one commute consultation to answer any questions you may have about sustainable commuting at Stanford, sign up here.

6. Use onboarding checklist

Use this checklist as a guide to complete key actions, such as compliance training, enrolling in your benefits plans, setting up direct deposit, and more.

View the onboarding checklist

If you need 1:1 onboarding support, email