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Welcome Gift Frequently Asked Questions

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Welcome Center gift to new staff

Eligible new staff hires will receive an email with a unique gift code to the GoStanford Fanatics website, to be used toward the purchase of an apparel or other branded Stanford item. These questions and answers provide information about the gift code.

I attended the Welcome Center in 2023; when will I receive my gift code?
An email with the unique gift code will be sent to each new staff member who attended a virtual Welcome Center (sessions are held on Mondays) in 2023 and who did not already receive a university welcome gift. Moving forward, new hires who attend the Welcome Center will receive their gift code the same week they attend the Welcome Center.

Who is eligible to receive a gift code?
New staff hires, including those who work at least 50% time and who attend the Welcome Center are eligible to receive a unique gift code. Those who are ineligible include new faculty, temps, casuals, students, new staff who do not enroll in the Welcome Center, and new staff who are rehired and who do not enroll in the Welcome Center.

All new staff hired during 2023 who attended the Welcome Center and did not receive a previous welcome gift from University Human Resources will receive an email with the gift code in late July 2023. There are no exceptions to who is eligible.

I’m new but did not attend the Welcome Center; am I eligible for a gift code?
No, the gift code is sent only to new staff who attend the Welcome Center.

What is the value of the gift code?
The current value of the gift code is $25, which can be redeemed on the GoStanford website, supported by Fanatics, either to purchase an item outright or to put toward the purchase of a higher-priced item.

Does the gift code expire if I don’t use it within a specific period of time?
Yes, the gift code expires after 30 days.

My code expired; can I get another one?
Sorry, we are unable to issue more than one unique gift code for eligible new staff, and it must be redeemed within 30 days.

I tried to redeem my unique gift code but wasn’t able to; who do I contact for help?
Technical support is provided by the Fanatics organization; email the account manager at